• An effective non-violent martial art

  • Self-defense without violence

  • Aikido - a way for personal transformation

  • For Adults and Children

  • Child have fun but learn to protect themselves

Welcome to Aikido of San Antonio!

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  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class
  • Bring modest, comfortable clothing you can move in (like sweatpants and a t-shirt, NO shorts or jeans).
  • You will get sweaty. We have changing rooms here for your use.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a unique and fascinating martial art that is practiced by men, women and children of all ages. Aikido teaches how to deal with attacks in a non-aggressive but effective manner, minimizing injury to the attacker.


The strategy of Aikido is to blend or harmonize with the attacker's energy and neutralize the attack. While extremely dynamic and powerful, the goal of Aikido is to seek peace in the face of conflict.


Training in Aikido cultivates the mind, body and spirit through discipline and sacrifice which is essential to any martial art. The philosophy of Aikido is that through rigorous training of these faculties, we may be able overcome the conflict within ourselves.


Aikido is a Budo and not a sport. Budo is a discipline and approach to life which elevates peace over conflict. The study of a budo tempers the spirit, mind and body without comparing yourself to others. Students trains to improve themselves as human beings, by constantly forging their own mind, body and spirit. The founder of Aikido, said that "Aikido is not for correcting others but for correcting your own mind."

Aikido is more than a self defense. It is a methodology and philosophy for living your life: through the disciplined training in a martial art that teaches peace through non-violent resolution of conflict, we forge our mind, body and spirit in order to live more peaceful, compassionate lives.

Our Chief Instructor

K. S. Templer - 5th Dan

Sensei started training when he was 10 and has been training for over 30 years.

Since he helped to form the dojo as a non-profit, he's been teaching Aikido to people of the San Antonio community and individuals from all over the wolrd.

  • 1985- Sensei started Aikido at age 10 under David Kotun who was affiliated with the Ki Society.
  • 1992- joined the United States Aikido Federation, and at age 21 was awarded the rank of Shodan by Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei.
  • 1995 - joined the Midwest Aikido Federation under Akira Tohei Sensei.
  • 1999 - awarded Ni-dan by Akira Tohei Sensei.
  • 2000 - after Tohei Sensei's death, Templer Sensei rejoined with the United States Aikido Federation.

In 2001, Sensei saw Chiba Sensei at a summer camp that year. Templer Sensei immediately decided to pursue Chiba Sensei's teaching. After training at many seminars with Chiba Sensei, Templer Sensei began to train at San Diego Aikikai, Chiba Sensei's dojo, as a temporary live-in student for two to four weeks at a time. He continues to train regularly with the teachers and members of the Birankai, the organization founded by Chiba Sensei.

In January 2012, Sensei was promoted to go-dan (5th dan).

Children's Aikido

Ages 7 to 13

Complete Instruction for your child

Due to the sophistication of the art of Aikido we take children from age seven to thirteen. Fourteen-year-olds generally join the adult class.

Ringing the bell to start class prepares the children mentally to learn and puts them into a meditative frame of mind Aikido is great for teaching children how to defend themselves. In addition, through the hard work and discipline of Aikido practice and the study of its philosophy, children build qualities of character such as self-esteem, self-control, confidence, awareness, discipline, humility, honesty, and compassion.

Non-aggressive but effective...


Aikido is non-aggressive because it doesn't teach children to inflict injury to avoid injury. Instead Aikido teaches how to avoid injury by blending with and redirecting an attack, using the attacker's strength against themselves. In Aikido children learn how to use their body and mind in a way that will help them defend themselves even if the attacker is much larger than they are. Aikido is not passive though, the throws and pins in Aikido are effective in defending oneself.

Build's your child's character

The moment your child begins Aikido, he/she learns humility through the practice of etiquette. They'll learn how to take care of their uniform and wear it properly, and how and when to bow. Bowing to each other and the instructor teaches the children respect and discipline. In class, little to no talking is permitted during instruction and only helpful talking during practice. Children are expected to maintain a good attitude and practice diligently. These expectations help build a sense of discipline in children.

Self-esteem & Confidence

Children first begin by learning to fall. Sometimes, though, children have difficulty learning to fall. Some are a little afraid of rolling over their head (really they roll over their shoulder), but with perseverance and support from the instructors, parents, and other students, children eventually learn to fall correctly and begin to enjoy it. Going through difficulties and overcoming them with hard work is essential for children to develop confidence. After learning to roll, children really love this aspect of Aikido: They learn to control and protect their bodies while flying through the air, what could be more fun that that? Learning falling skills and learning the techniques of Aikido, gives children self-esteem and confidence that with effort and a good spirit they can accomplish anything.


Aikido is perfect for children because it teaches alternatives to violence. Instead of learning how to kick and punch, children learn to redirect an attacker's energy and resolve conflict while minimizing injury to the attacker. Because Aikido is not a sport there is no competition. In competitions there is always a winner and a loser. Competition in sports is healthy for children if the emphasis is on effort, sportsmanship, etc.

In a martial art, however, when a child fights another child, one must "win" and the other must "lose." Aikido is built on the premise of not fighting. Winning by defeating another person is not winning at all. We teach children to learn to protect themselves while not hurting others. With all the violence that our children are exposed to on TV, movies, video games, etc., we don't need to teach children to solve problems with violence.

Parents, you are the most important!

When you enroll your child in Aikido, we are building a partnership with you to help your child learn a self-defense and grow into a fine adult. Your interest and enthusiasm for your child's participation is crucial to your child's success. We recognize the importance of your involvement and encourage you to get involved with the children's program. There are a number of ways to get involved but the best way is to help us teach your child the importance of Aikido. To do that we ask that you learn some of the aspects of Aikido etiquette and practice. For example, make sure your child arrives to class on-time, awake and ready. Help them learn to tie their gi and belts correctly. Encourage them by watching classes every now and again.

Adult Aikido

Ages 14 and up


Aikido of San Antonio offers classes in traditional Aikido 7 days/week. See our adult schedule. Students learn Aikido at their own pace, so anyone can train regardless of age or gender. Training at Aikido of San Antonio involves four aspects:

  • Body Arts - the study and training in traditional Aikido technique
  • Weapons - the study and training in the traditional weapons of Aikido bokken (wooden sword) and jo (short staff)
  • Zazen - seated meditation
  • Iaido - the study of drawing the sword, cutting and re-sheathing the sword.


Throughout the daily training, students are instructed in principles and philosophy of Aikido and practice those principles through the various aspects of training. As you progress, the training will become more rigorous and more demanding for each individual both physically and mentally.


The traditional weapons of Aikido are the bokken (wooden sword) and jo (short staff). We train in these weapons to learn more advanced concepts of Aikido which include maintaining proper distance, timing, control, and concentration.


Zazen is seated meditation. The practice of Zazen is to calm the mind through breathing and sitting with a refined posture. Ironically to place a "purpose" or "goal" onto Zazen is to change it. Zazen is a way to learn to let go of preconceptions and accept things as they truly are. This aspect of Zazen is also helpful in the study of Aikido.


We practice Iaido in an effort to understand the roots of Aikido. Because Aikido is based on the use of the sword Iaido serves as a method of study to develop the underlying roots of Aikido. Iaido classes are available to only current members and are not offered separately.

How to Join

After you watch one class, you may join the next day we have class. The exception is on Fridays when we have Iaido class. When you join, you will need to sign some paperwork and pay initial sign-up costs. Find more information here. The first day of training can be a bit intimidating because of all the new things you must learn. But over time things get easier as you become more familiar with your fellow members, the etiquette and the structure and feel of the classes.


No appointment necessary; just drop on by when we're having class. Friday is Iaido, so it's best to visit other days.

Dojo Dues

Aikido of San Antonio is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1991.
Dues paid are used to maintain and continue the organization's mission. Instructors are not financially compensated.

Each of our memberships comes with an introductory offer and a free uniform.

Families receive 10% discount on their dues.


Sq. Foot Facility


Sq. Ft. mat space


Years of service


5417 Bandera Rd #603 - San Antonio, TX - 78238

General directions are provided below for those living in the city.

  • Approximately 1/3 mile inside loop 410.
  • We are in the office complex after HEB.
  • Pass the light on Bandera where HEB Marketplace is on your left.
  • Enter the complex at the 2nd left.
  • Slightly veer right and straight. We're in suite 603.

Upcoming & Past Seminars

Past Seminar

  • Varjan Sensei - 7th dan - June 3 & 4. Coming up soon. See the flyer at the top.
  • Past Seminar

    Nov 4,5,6 2016

    We had a great seminar with Irvin Faust sensei. Sensei covered a variety of techniques with some interesting variations.

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